We loved the name SoukPeek.Com or Bravoos.Com for the positive energy it conveyed. However there were several other brands that had similar names SoukSeek.Com , SeekBahrain.Com, Bravo.Com, Bravos.Com, and we felt this was just too confusing.

Also, we also wanted something that tied more directly to what we do. “Fosabi,” an uncommon word, but with an easy pronouncing factor in any accent. More importantly it is the short form of “Find On Search, Accurate Business Information.” We want our new brand Fosabi.Com to convey our ability to gather, organize and deliver the web’s collective wisdom of information to help consumers finding products and services faster. That’s what resonated the most with private beta users, press and bloggers with the Fosabi.Com private beta launch.

What’s going to happen to SoukPeek or Bravoos.Com ?

All those proposed names will still be available and identical to for some time. You may be redirected to Fosabi.Com whenever you try to brows with previous names. Don’t worry though, the site content will be the same, and your experience will be the same regardless of the Brand name !

We’re excited about the new name because this is exactly what Fosabi.Com is all about ! Please start using Fosabi.Com and tell us what you think about our new brand !